Gallery owner – TERTIUS VAN OOSTHUYZEN – on the Dutch mastery of old and modern art:

TERTIUS Collection is an Amsterdam based art and interior gallery: specialising in Dutch Old Masters combined with Dutch Contemporary.
The company, founded in 2013, is run and founded by Mr. Tertius Xavier van Oosthuyzen. Originally from South-Africa he has been living in Holland for over 25 years. 

A true DaVinci ‘renaissance man’ he endeavoured to be the best clog maker of Holland, run a refugee center for Dutch Government, became Holland’s Best Wedding Photographer, founded Restaurant Week South-Africa: donating proceeds to Streetsmart helping homeless youth, operates a seasonal art gallery in Gstaad, Switzerland and is now living his lifelong dream of an art collection representing the finest old masters and modern in a true cabinet of wonders gallery space along Amsterdam’s UNESCO world-heritage site canals: TERTIUS Collection.

He and his team, including his partner Philip van Zwieten, work closely with both old and new generation art historians, experts including the Rijksmuseum’s former head of Resrauration Mr. Bijl and his son and renowned interior designer to only select true unique masterpieces. 

“We see a true revival amongst younger generations in the appreciation of the unequivocal mastery of Dutch Master Paintings: the refined craftsmanship and magical mastery of a scene that has been painted in oil over 300 years ago and still makes a daily grand entrance when the eye hits a corner of the painting is a kind of magic that endures and the absolute finesse of the unique scene depicted is still unrivaled to this day. This to me is a true masterpiece. I know the leading musea of the world agree and the fact that I can offer these unique paintings and world-renowned artist names to my clientele as the now only younger generation old-master dealer in Amsterdam is a unique feeling.My dream as a child was to be able to visit a National Gallery daily, it kind of came true!

We recently added some names to the collection you can also find at the Rijksmuseum and amongst the best lots of old master auctions: however we want to make these top pieces accesible via the gallery way: which means their price is roughly half of auction results including buyer premiums: which makes our old masters also very interesting for collectors who know their value and Return on Investment as one of the worlds most steady and safe investments appreciating highly in value in these uncertain times.
The new and upcoming trend I see is cross-collecting of unique pieces: My whole life I have been gathering art objects that sparked my imagination: whether an African WPA village mask, a French antique typewriter or for example a collection of art by a befriended South-African artist Diek Grobler who thirty years later has become a celebrated artist.

A few of the worlds best minds in the gallery, auction houses and art associations have recently written lenghty articles which conclude the same: the high-end art collector of the future is an avid world-traveller: who takes her of his que to purchase a new piece only from intuition, artistry, historical relevance and the joy and amazement it sparks… not to own an entire collection of only modern, only sculpture, only photography, etcetera…You can choose to buy a modern artpiece today and the next time an Egyptian antique… 

I really questioned the gallery scene in The Netherlands for many years and always choose to do my own unique approach: a combination of old and new art with objets d’art: for years I was rejected by local gallery associations because they only would accept single art movement representation galleries. The typical white wall fluorescent lighting feeling. During the last five years, fourty percent of those galleries closed doors. I also choose to continually represent and display selected contemporary artists, as opposed to only to do temporary shows.My ‘Resident Artist’ is Amsterdam Artist Samuel De Jong: whom I have been representing for the last six years. He is a true local and world-class artist. Making mesmerizing unique series each depicting a reflection of nature: for example insect castings combined with Dutch heritage elements. We sold pieces to art lovers, musea and collectors around the globe including to Dr. Khalili: who owns the worlds most comprehensive art collection and loans to musea.
We proudly represent a host of mainly Amsterdam based contemporary artists that have made their name or are upcoming in the artscene, including: Jeroen Luijt, Verhoeven twins, Ans Markus, William Rosewood, Diek Grobler, and so on.

I want to give people that wow feeling for their own home and interiors I have when I come accross an artpiece that i know has a great story line and artistic value. Its all about the story; therefore I do a lot of research for all the paintings and objects. The unique and hidden details add to the romantic story of an artpiece, afterall art is supposed to enlighten and inspire: my company’s recurring quote is not without reason: get inspired….”


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